Technical coating.

Technical coatings for the packaging industry


JadeProtec® Barriere PP.

Water-repellent, heat-resistant up to 160°C

For interlayers, dividers and packaging applications. Highly effective migration barrier. Resistant to moisture, grease and heat. Abrasion-resistant and fibre-free surface. Outstanding properties in further processing. JadeProtec® Barrier PP on paper or cardboard basis, with coating on one or both sides.
Grammage: 75 g/m² bis 850 g/m²

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JadeProtec® Silicone.

Hydrophobic, non adhesive surface

Silicone-coated paper for the production of interlayers and release papers as well as for packaging production. Delivery in sheets or formats.
Grammage: 65 g/m² bis 850 g/m²

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JadeProtec® Antiskid.

Paper and cardboard with slip angle >60°, water-repellent.

Anti-slip coated paper or cardboard for all industrial sectors. The product is used as an interlayer in food packaging, in tissue packaging and in metal processing. Pallet stability is significantly improved in logistics, and production and transport processes can be optimized. JadeProtec® Antiskid can also be produced as a virgin fibre product for use in the food industry.
Grammage: 65 g/m² to 850 g/m²

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JadeProtec® flame retardant.

Industry standard B1 DIN 4102, 100% recyclable.

Odourless, ammonia-free. Very good processing properties and adhesion. JadeProtec® flame-resistant is ideally suited for the production of honeycomb panels and for furniture and exhibition construction purposes.
Grammage: 120 g/m², 140 g/m²

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JadeProtec® oil resistant.

Grease/oil resistant paper KIT 16.

For use in the manufacturing industry, parts processing, metal cutting production and special packaging (e.g. pet food, detergents). Use as an intermediate layer or in the board processing industry.
Grammage: 65 g/m² to 850 g/m²

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JadeProtec® hydrophob.

Water-repellent coating Cobb 1800 / 20.

Use in food packaging, plants / flower packaging, as an interlayer for industrial purposes. Steel processing, as a substitute for the use of plastic foil in packaging.
100% recyclable.
Grammage: from 65 g/m² to 850 g/m²

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JadeProtec® VCI.

Corrosion protection paper and cardboard

Paper with anticorrosive coating for use in metal parts production, automotive logistics and transport. Cardboard with anticorrosive film for the production of packaging. Corrosion protection products are sold in cooperation with our partner CORPAC GmbH, Oberstenfeld.

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JadeProtec® Foam.

PE foam-coated corrugated board

Our surface protection classic: corrugated board laminated on one or both sides, in standard sheets or cut to size. As an intermediate layer in industry - used by automotive suppliers, in parts production and in the cosmetics industry.

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