JadeProtec® Hydrophobic.

Water-repellent coating, COBB 1800/20, without plastics content
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Whenever water-repellent paper or board without plastics content is required, go for JadeProtec® Hydrophob. Our special coating achieves COBB values of 1800/20. One-sided coating allows laminating to all types of materials. Food packaging, agricultural applications (e.g. flowers, plants) or honeycombs for a variety of purposes. One-sided coating, printable.


For interlayers, palettizing, honeycomb, packaging applications.


  • Water repellent paper or board based on rycling fibre or virgin fibre, zero plastic content.
  • Perfect runnability.
  • Grammages 80 gsm – 850 gsm
  • Reel width 800 mm – 1650 mm
  • Reel diameter 800 mm – 2100 mm
  • Sheets for converting
  • Formats, punched blanks or intermediate layers


  • Certified for direct food contact
  • Fibre FSC®-certified
  • Product 100% recyclable

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