JadeProtec® Multishield PET.

Resource-saving fibre based laminate, for ­highest density requirements
chemical resistantdirect food contactgas-tighthighest temperature resistanceprintablerecyclablesealabletemperature-proofwater-proof
Food safe, outstanding barrier properties – grease, humidity, odours. Its barrier properties, a fibre free surface as well as high temperature stability make JadeProtec® Multishield PET the allrounder for all packaging applications.


Folding boxes, corrugated board, paper and board packaging, honeycombs, dividers, paper/cardboard converting. Especially suitable for packaging of food and pet food.


  • Laminate based on recycled or virgin fibres
  • Fibre content up to 99 percent
  • Fibre-free surface
  • Water-proof
  • Grease-proof
  • Excellent processing properties
  • Grammage 80 g/qm – 850 g/qm
  • Reel width 800 mm – 1650 mm
  • Reel diameter 800 mm – 2100 mm
  • Sheets for converting
  • Formats, punched blanks or intermediate layers


  • Certified for direct food contact
  • Fibre FSC®-certified
  • Product 100% recyclable

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