JadeProtec® flame retardant.

Industry standard B1 DIN 4102, 100% recyclable.

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Flame retardant - 100% recyclable..

JadeProtec® flame-retardant is the first choice when industrial products or packaging must meet fire resistance requirements. The industrial standard B1 DIN 4102 is fulfilled. The product is ammonia-free. JadeProtec® is flame-retardant and can be easily laminated to other materials such as honeycomb panels. Examples for its use are the manufacture of doors, as well as furniture and exhibition stand construction.
Grammage: 65 g/m² to 850 g/m²

In numbers.

65 - 850

Grammage in g/m²

B1 DIN 4102

Industrial standard

230 °C

Heat resistance

1650 mm

Roll widths max.

50 mm

Roll widths min.