Industry Solutions.

Multifunctional barriers for the packaging industry

Functional laminates and coatings.

Our coated cartonboard is used in many areas of packaging and logistics. JadeProtec® Multishield based on recycled paper and PET or PP has highly effective barrier properties, excellent surface protection and is also extremely temperature resistant. Despite its technical properties, the product is recyclable and has fiber contents of up to 99%.

JadeProtec®-Multishield has excellent processability for folding carton production, for compartments, separating or intermediate layers.

Our anti-slip product JadeProtec® Antiskid is perfect as an intermediate layer for stabilizing pallets in goods logistics.

All JadeProtec® materials can be supplied both in rolls and cut to size and are available in many grammages.


JadeProtec® Multishield PET.

Food safe, outstanding barrier properties – grease, humidity, odours. Its barrier properties, a fibre free surface as well as high temperature stability make JadeProtec Multishield PET the allrounder for all packaging applications.

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JadeProtec® Multishield PP.

Board laminated with ultra thin PP layer, for highest demands on clean surfaces as well as zero abrasion. Qualified for use in the glass industry (dividers and interlayers), and in the production of plastic sealings in the automotive industry.

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JadeProtec® Multishield S.

Highly efficient, optimized laminated board for technical packaging requirements with excellent migration barrier against moisture, gases and fats. The invisible inner barrier layer and high resistance to gases make JadeProtec® Multishield S an invisible all-rounder in the packaging sector. Recyclable, minimal use of plastic.

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JadeProtec® Antiskid.

Antiskid paper or board for all types of industrial applications. Protects and stabilizes palettized goods – Slip angle > 65 degrees, making JadeProtec® Antiskid the best performing product in the market. Reels and sheets in standard dimensions, as well as customized for individual industry requirements.

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