JadeProtec® Multishield PP Industry.

Resource-saving fibre based laminate with ­moisture and grease barrier
Board laminated with ultra thin PP / PET layer, for highest demands on clean surfaces as well as zero abrasion. Qualified for use in the glass industry (dividers and interlayers), and in the production of plastic sealings in the automotive industry. Minimal use of film (4 μ) for optimum surface properties while reducing the use of plastics. Proportion of secondary fibres in the product up to 99%, making it particularly sustainable. Temperature resistant up to 160 degrees. Humidity resistant, with excellent properties in converting.

plastic reduction


100% recyclable


Compartments, interlayers, folding cartons, paper and board converting.


Varianten PP / PET
Grammaturen 300 g/m²; 380 g/m²; 400 g/m²; 580 g/m²; 600 g/m²
Material Recycled board, PET / PP film

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