JadeProtec® OvenSafe.

Oven-safe, thermoformable board laminate for replacing conventional PET dishes and trays, for dry, moist and fatty foods. Suitable for ready meals and fast food. JadeProtec® OvenSafe is the ideal board for baking directly in the primary packaging. Sealable.
Heat resistant up to 220 degrees for 90 minutes, food safe, thermoformable, provides an excellent migration barrier against moisture and fats. The barrier layer, fiber-free surface and high temperature resistance make JadeProtec®OvenSafe the ideal board for baking directly in the tray.

plastic reduction


100% recyclable


Folding board, thermoforming trays, sealed packaging, paper/board processing, converting. Especially suitable for packaging of food products that are to be heated. Microwaveable. OvenSafe.


Varieties Surfaces brown / brown or brown / white
Grammage 320 gsm, 340 gsm
Material Recyclable composite material

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