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Sustainable cartonboard for packaging applications.

For the food and packaging industry, we produce board that is completely free of polymers or, if technically required, with  only minimal polymers and is fully recyclable. JadeProtec® is perfect for convenience food packaging, fast food as well as frozen food packaging.

JadeProtec® is greaseproof, temperature and/or moisture resistant. The laminate of recycled fibers and virgin fiber paper has excellent stability and very good processing properties. All JadeProtec® materials can be supplied both in rolls and sheets and are available in many grammages.


JadeProtec® light.

Multilayer board with low grammage and high stiffness. For trays for packaging fruits and vegetables, for fast food and for dry and fatty foods. Plastic-free, environmentally friendly, for all types of packaging applications. Available with brown, white or black top layer.

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JadeProtec® Multishield PP.

Fiber-based laminate for use in food packaging, as disposable packaging for fast food or for the production of disposable tableware (plates, trays).

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JadeProtec® Multishield S.

Highly efficient, optimized composite for technical packaging requirements with excellent migration barrier against moisture, gases and greases. The invisible barrier layer and high resistance to gases make Multishield S an invisible all-rounder in the packaging sector. Recyclable, minimal polymer content.

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JadeProtec® OvenSafe.

Oven-safe, thermoformable carton laminate for replacing conventional PET dishes and trays, Suitable for ready meals and fast food.

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