The packaging of the future is recyclable.

Sustainable packaging materials - now for the future.

The demands on raw materials for food packaging have become more diverse: The use of polymers must be reduced, the packaging must be recyclable, and the cost must fit a fast-moving consumer product. Good processing properties are a matter of course.

The demand for sustainable packaging is already increasing and environmental awareness plays a significant role in many purchasing decisions – this process does not just start with end consumers.

JadeProtec®: Environmentally friendly packaging materials - 100% recyclable.

All JadePack products bearing the JadeProtec® name are recyclable and are manufactured predominantly on the basis of recycled fibres. The raw material for sustainable packaging consists of:

  • recycled cardboard
  • recycled paper
  • small amounts of virgin fibre (liner paper)

All fibres used consist exclusively of FSC-certified raw materials, whether virgin fibre liner papers or recycled materials. Through the use of innovative technologies, we manage to increasingly reduce the use of plastic inserts – and thus continuously move towards sustainability.

In food packaging, the choice of a coated carton is usually without alternative. But sustainability is also the focus of our coated materials: to keep the use of plastic as low as possible, we use ultra-thin films that nevertheless offer an optimal barrier function. The films we use are

  • ultra-thin PP
  • PET
  • or compostable PLA

In all our products with films, the composite is basically certified for recyclability, separable and thus particularly sustainable.


Rethinking food packaging sustainably with JadeProtec® Light.

Despite lightweight materials and micro-fine coatings, Jade Pack packaging does not have to cut any corners. This also and especially applies to the packaging of fruit, vegetables and other food. The paper-cardboard composite offers very good stability and processing properties thanks to its multi-layer structure. This allows you to significantly reduce the amount of material used per pack, save costs throughout the entire storage and production chain and at the same time produce in a more environmentally friendly way.

exclusively from
FSC certified materials
100% plastic free recyclable

Sustainability and environmental protection: the packaging of the future from Jade-Pack.

Our production plant is one of the most modern in Europe and works with minimal layer thicknesses. Technically, we are able to process ultra-thin films down to 4 µ. The highly effective material has the positive properties of conventional films while significantly reducing the amount of plastic used. Almost all JadePack products are either plastic-free or have a minimal polymer content of less than 5%.
Our production processes also help to recover maximum fibre content from the paper or board used in the recycling process. Technical barriers are either applied as a dispersion or laminated as a film with water-based glue. This makes recovery and separation possible without any problems.
We would be happy to support you in finding the right sustainable packaging materials for your application: Effective environmental protection, weight reduction and the best possible running properties can enter into a perfect symbiosis with our JadeProtec® materials.


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