The packaging of the future is recyclable.

Sustainable packaging materials with 100% recyclability.

The demands on raw materials for food packaging have become more diverse: The use of polymers must be reduced, the packaging must be recyclable, and the cost must fit a fast-moving consumer product. Good processing properties make the decisive difference.

All JadePack products bearing the JadeProtec® name are 100% recyclable and are predominantly manufactured on the basis of recycled fibers. The fibers used, whether virgin fiber linerboard or recycled materials, are always FSC-certified. Our production plant is one of the most modern in Europe and works with minimal layer thicknesses to enable the greatest possible sustainability. Almost all of our products are “plastic-free”, i.e. have no polymer content at all or a minimum of less than five percent. In products with films, the composite is basically certified for recyclability. Our films are ultra-thin PP, PET or compostable PLA.


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