Product Development.

Custom-made solutions from our development lab

More than standard: Our product development.

Functional laminates and coatings

Our developers are specialists in developing products for technical requirements with fiber-based composites for individual industrial applications and have already proven this for many customers.
Our capabilities to process liquid coatings and films in the my range allow us to develop specific recyclable products with a wide range of technical properties:

We can often implement individual requirements starting from purchase quantities of 100 tons per year.

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The development lab.

Our laboratory constantly checks and tests our products and works continuously to improve them. In addition, we are constantly developing new products for the packaging industry. Our reel coating and laminating line (RBK1) stands for the future of functional paper and board coatings for industrial purposes.
What is the optimal product for your packaging requirements? We develop solutions that can be implemented – often within a short period of time.