JadeProtec® Food.

Multi-layer, lightweight cardboard laminate for packaging fruit and vegetables (trays and trays), for dry and fatty foods. Suitable for disposable crockery and fast food.
Cardboard with outstanding barrier properties: grease and water repellent.
Plastic-free, sustainable, environmentally friendly.
Cobb 1800 <4 gsm
KIT >12 / 24h

Very good printability, also in digital printing, excellent whiteness and outstanding running and processing properties.

Suitable for oven applications.

100% plastic free


100% recyclable

Perfect runability


Print optimized


Paper-cardboard laminate for the production of trays, boxes plant and flower packaging, fast food packaging. Liner for special corrugated cardboard, honeycombs, converting.


Varieties brown / brown; brown / white
Grammage 260 gsm; 290 gsm; 370 gsm; 500 gsm
Material recycled board / kraft ; white

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