JadeProtec® Antiskid.

Paper and cardboard with slip angle >60°, water-repellent.

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Anti-slip - in all load classes.

JadeProtec® Antiskid: anti-slip coated paper or cardboard for all industrial sectors. The product is used as an interlayer in food packaging, in tissue packaging and in metal processing. Pallet stability is significantly improved in logistics, and production and transport processes can be optimized. JadeProtec® Antiskid can also be produced as a virgin fibre product for use in the food industry. Delivery in sheets for manual processing, for applications in fully automatic packing lines or in reels for all types of processing and packing devices.
Grammage: 65 g/m² to 850 g/m²

In numbers.

65 - 850

Grammage in g/m²

1180 x 780 mm

Standard format

> 60 °

Angle of slip


Cobb value


Capacity t/p.a.