Lightweight. Recyclable. Sustainable.

Board and paper for packaging and industry applications.

Jade Pack. We develop and produce board and paper for sustainable packaging.

Our products are used by many international food and consumer goods manufacturers. In cooperation with our customers in various industrial sectors, we develop innovative, economically viable and always recyclable product solutions. We ensure a reliably high product quality by a highly qualified team, by our technological lead in production as well as quality control according to international standards.

  • Our customer base is international: cartonboard converters – food manufacturers – branded goods manufacturers – industrial companies.
  • In product development, we cooperate on a project-oriented basis and in a spirit of mutual trust with our customers from various industrial sectors.
  • We are part of an innovative, medium-sized group of companies with high supply reliability

Our fiber-based laminates for food packaging and industrial applications have a high recycling content at the core and achieve the required technical function with no or extremely low polymer input:

  • Circular economy: in general, recyclability is a prerequisite for the development of our products
  • Replacement of PE and PET by fiber-based laminates
  • Minimal up to zero use of polymers to ensure necessary technical functions, use of ultra-thin monofilms in conjunction with water-based dispersions
  • Consistent use of recycling paper and cardboard in the core of the products or on the non-food side


JadeProtec® light.

Multilayer board with low grammage and high stiffness. For trays for packaging fruits and vegetables, for fast food and for dry and fatty foods. Plastic-free, environmentally friendly, for all types of packaging applications. Available with brown, white or black top layer.

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JadeProtec® Multishield S.

Highly efficient, optimized composite for technical packaging requirements with excellent migration barrier against moisture, gases and greases. The invisible barrier layer and high resistance to gases make Multishield S an invisible all-rounder in the packaging sector. Recyclable, minimal polymer content.

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JadeProtec® OvenSafe.

Oven-safe, thermoformable carton laminate for replacing conventional PET dishes and trays, Suitable for ready meals and fast food.

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OvenSafe Board for Packaging

JadeProtec® Antiskid.

Optimal grip.

Anti-skid coated paper or cardboard for all industries. For protection and stabilization of palletized goods. FSSC 22000 certified. Recyclable. Made in Germany.

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JadeProtec AntiSkid

JadeProtec® Multishield PP Industry.

Board laminated with ultra thin PP /PET layer, for highest demands on clean surfaces as well as zero abrasion. Qualified for use in the glass industry (dividers and interlayers), and in the production of plastic sealings in the automotive industry.

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Strong network: The HZI Group.

The HZI Group is a network of companies whose products contribute to more sustainable packaging solutions. In addition to the production of the raw materials corrugated base paper and solid board, the Group offers innovative raw material refinements through coating and lamination and produces reliable packaging solutions, especially for the food industry, at various locations in Germany. With almost 1,000 qualified employees, more than 950,000 t of production capacity and 75,000 t of integrated processing capacity, the companies of the HZI Group offer their customers outstanding product quality as well as high supply security.

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