JadeProtec® Multishield PET.

Resource-saving fibre-based laminate, for ­highest density requirements
chemical resistantdirect food contactgas-tightgrease-proofhighest temperature resistanceprintablerecyclablesealablewater-proof
Food safe, outstanding barrier properties – grease, humidity, odours. Its barrier properties, a fibre free surface as well as high temperature stability make JadeProtec Multishield PET the allrounder for all packaging applications.


Folding boxes, corrugated board, dividers, paper and board converting. Especially suitable for the packaging of industrial goods and as intermediate layer.


  • Laminate based on recycled or virgin fibres
  • Fibre-free surface
  • Fibre content up to 98 percent
  • Water-proof
  • Grease-proof
  • Best runnability
  • Temperature-proof min -20 °C / max. +250 °C
  • Grammage 80 g/qm – 850 g/qm
  • Reel width 800 mm – 1650 mm
  • Reel diameter 800 mm – 2100 mm
  • Sheets for converting
  • Formats, punched blanks or intermediate layers


  • Certified for direct food contact
  • Fibre FSC®-certified
  • Product 100% recyclable

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