JadeProtec® for MAP.

High percentage of recycled fibre content, low weight, excellent processing properties for the production of MAP trays.
Multilayer board laminate with recycled fibres in the core for the production of MAP trays. The surface offers excellent adhesion in the skin process in all common traysealing/skinning lines. The cartonboard is suitable for direct food contact and thus, in addition to the MAP tray application, also perfect for the production of sealable trays in the fruit / vegetable sector.

plastic reduction

100% plastic free


100% recyclable

Perfect runability


Print optimized


Folding boxes, thermoforming trays, sealed packaging, paper/board processing, converting. Especially suitable for fresh food packaging (animal protein, vegetarian / vegan protein, ready meals).


Varieties brown / brown ; brown / white
Grammage 260 gsm, 290 gsm, 370 gsm, 450 gsm
Material Recycling cardboard / kraft paper

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